Cloud Document Management: Edit Files in Real Time 

 July 23, 2022

Cloud document management is a convenient way of storing, sharing, and retrieving files while keeping them secure. Data stored in the cloud is more accessible and easy to share. Furthermore, different parties can access the documents remotely, view them and make edits or suggestions.


Different editor software enables you to edit pdf to jpg files online to keep them updated, offer feedback, or complete assigned tasks in a project. We discover new ideas daily that we need to add to existing files. Accessing and modifying our files online has improved workflow and productivity in organizations and learning institutions because your staff, audience, or business partners can view them remotely.

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You need suitable software to modify files online. Many editors on the market help you edit files online, but not all are secure. When choosing an editor, check out its security features to ensure your data stays safe. This article outlines the process of editing files online and ensuring they are secure.

Is it Possible to edit Files Online?

You can edit files online, provided you have the right online PDF editor.


Accessing and making changes to a file in the cloud from your editor software is simple and secure because any changes you make are auto-saved. The changes you can make on a file in the cloud include hiding text, commenting on texts, reaching sensitive information, highlighting part of a text, inserting images and graphics, and adding signatures.

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Lumin, PDFfill, Sejda, Foxit, Nitro Pro, and office suite are some of the common readers used to modify PDF online.

Comment PDF Online

After creating a file, you can explain key points in the text using comments. Your team members can also give feedback or ask questions in the comments.


To comment on a portable file in the cloud, access the PDF editor and upload the file you want to modify from the internet. Navigate the toolbar and click on Comment after opening the file. The comment feature gives you an add comment box where you can type your text. Type your comment in the box and click on the comment when done.

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Before you comment PDF online, you can refer to a specific part by highlighting it before adding your comment. Lumin is one of the best editors to add comments to your file.

Adding a Comment to a PDF File on Lumin

LuminPDF allows you to comment alongside a specific part of your file by selecting the text using the highlight feature and commenting on it along the margin or at the base. For example, a course instructor can give more explanation or clarification on his teaching notes by highlighting the critical point and commenting on it at the foot or along the margin.


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After typing the comment, click on Comment in your toolbar. This software allows you to correct your comment or erase it if inappropriate. To undo a comment on Lumin, click on the drop-down menu on the comment and select Edit or Delete.


Another action you can take is replying to a comment directed to you or one participant. Go to comment, click reply, and type your response in the field before tapping reply again.

Monitor Interactions on Your Documents in Real-Time

Portable file readers have advanced features to track who reads, comments on, or edits your form online. It is essential to monitor interactions on a document online and get feedback from different participants. For example, a tutor can monitor the interactions in a PDF containing a class assignment to gauge the learners’ interaction.

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Adobe Acrobat and Digify have the best tracking feature to help you monitor all the interactions and any PDF change online done by your participants.

How Does Adobe Acrobat Help You Monitor Interactions on Your Document?

After you edit PDF files online, you can make it interactive on Acrobat DC by choosing export and clicking on Interactive, then Ok. An interactive file allows participants to make suggestions, provide feedback and work on different project parts. The team leader monitors the team members accessing the file and tracks the changes they make to the file.


Monitoring interactions on your PDF file improves accountability and collaboration among participants. It also keeps your file secure because you can detect any unauthorized access.

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Sync Documents in Real-Time Across Devices With Lumin PDF

Lumin PDF syncs documents to google drive. Sync a file in Lumin to google drive simplifies sending the files after you edit a PDF file online. To sync documents online on Lumin to Google Drive or Dropbox, follow the following steps.

  • Open the file to sync on the LuminPDF homepage.
  • On the menu, select the document to sync and select Add.
  • Choose the Google Drive

You can also sync documents online and access them from across devices such as mobile phones, laptops, tablets, and desktops. Synchronizing the files across devices helps you to access them remotely and work on them even when away from the office. To achieve this, you must store the PDF file in the cloud and access the cloud storage from all your devices.

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For example, if you create an invoice on LuminPDF while in the office and you want to send it to your clients later, you can save the form to drive and access it from your mobile device. Before sharing it, you can edit PDF pages online and add your signature. This feature makes your work easier since you can serve your clients while on the move. It is time-saving and convenient.

Final Thoughts

Creating, editing, and storing PDF files in the cloud and managing the files through cloud management has simplified sharing and monitoring of files. The ease of accessibility allows you to correct PDF online without worrying about lost changes. Furthermore, you can redact PDF online before granting access to the participants if it contains sensitive data.

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For effective workflow, collaboration, and timely feedback, you should adopt the CDM system and experience an improved performance from your team. With CDM, team members can work on a single file simultaneously, and any changes made on that document update for every user almost instantaneously.

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