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【Tadaima.(I'm home.)(ただいま。)】

production period:2018.9-2019.2,2019.05-
The main story is completed. Extra edition2 is now updating.

★Calmly BL comic. A man good at making dishes and a man likes eating his dishes fell in a romantic relationship.

The main story






Extra edition

Extra edition2(2019.5)

Extra edition(2018.3~7)&Valentine extra edition(2018.2)are limited release. You can read those stories by buying E-book.
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If you're interested in Dojinshi(同人誌), you can buy it at fromagee store.

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production period:2019.2~4
This comic is One-shot comic(27pages).

★…The battle of a French succubus and Japanese OTAKU high school students.
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