Tips and Tricks to stack Rings without creating a mess 

 October 17, 2022



If you are obsessed with jewelry then building a ring stack must be one of your wishes. Creating a ring stack is for you if you love to get creative and experimental with your jewelry. A ring stack is a collection of different types of rings that are coordinated well and put together on one or more fingers. However, if you do not possess the skill to do it, the final look may come out to be tacky and gaudy. The rings that you choose to put together must complement each other in different elements like shape, size, color, etc. Ring stacking is a great option if you want to elevate your jewelry game. Here are a few tips and tricks that will help you to stack your rings elegantly.

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Be creative – Don’t be afraid to experiment while you build your ring stack. For instance, an engagement diamond ring for women can be worn as a stand-alone piece with a wedding band on the ring finger added to that, you can wear a contrasting ring to create a powerful look. This is the most common ring stacking that people prefer. However, you can be as creative as you want when it comes to mixing and matching your rings. What may turn out to be amazing is up to your imagination.


Establish a color scheme– While it is a good idea to go for multiple metals but going with the same color scheme is an easy way to start with ring-stacking. Always keep in mind the rings that you wear daily as while buying the new ones you can establish synchronicity between them. Take a look at gold ring stacking or silver ring stacking before building a stack of your own. While establishing the color scheme think of the metals, gemstones, etc. as this will provide you with a good starting point.

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Think of your hand as a triangular shape to stack the rings well– To strike the perfect balance while stacking the ring, think of your hand as a triangular shape. Start with focusing on your middle finger by accessorizing it with heavy rings and as you move forward to both sides, wear comparatively simpler rings. You can wear diamond jewelry on one of the inner fingers and use the lighter rings for the outer fingers. This technique will help to create a balanced and refined ring stack.


Add midi rings to your stack Famously called knuckle rings, these are small and bring balance to your stack. Usually, these rings look perfect on your middle finger. You can add a maximum of two midi rings for one hand. To elevate the look of this ring you can wear it above a statement ring which will give it a perfect classy and chic look. If you do not prefer a statement ring, you can stack a few simpler rings at the base and elevate them using a midi ring above.

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Include rings with different shapes and styles A uniform ring stack might be boring to view. Instead, create a visual effect by adding rings of different shapes and styles. Try to incorporate a bit of everything to make your hand seem dramatic and appealing. Mix and match rings of different themes so that each figure has its individuality while the combined look is eye-catching.


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