Trollishly: 6 Best Approaches To Spice Up A Food Brand On Instagram 

 September 17, 2022

Instagram is one of the most sought-after digital platforms for marketing a brand across the world. This social media has a tremendous potential to help brands connect with their customers, enhance awareness and boost sales profitably.


Similar to diverse sectors of the global market, food brands can make use of Instagram to nurture success and stay ahead of the competition. This powerful application integrated with incredible features lets brands impress their target audience and convert them into potential customers.


‘Reels,’ a dedicated feature of Instagram, is a great way to reach a massive audience in a matter of minutes. The best part is that brands can instantly buy reels views to increase their visibility and build reputation. Alright! Let’s discuss more about using Instagram to elevate the popularity of your food brand and reap other benefits.

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Instagram Experts’ Recipe To Enhance The Success Rate Of A Food Brand


#1 Insta-Worthy Images


Instagram is one of the trending photo-sharing applications that lets its users share images in different formats. Here the audience would prefer watching high-quality photos that convey a specific message or information.


You ought to post eye-catching images that reflect your brand or pictures of different delicacies on your profile. So, it is essential to invest time and effort to capture professional photos in a better way.


#2 Drool-Worthy Reels


Instagram Reels is a short-form video sharing feature where brands can showcase their creative ideas. It has a vast power to impress the audience and let them consume content within seconds.

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So, food brands shall create and share Reels video that interests their target audience. The best way to curate compelling video content is by utilizing the visual effects like text options, filters, and sound effects available within the application.


Some of the excellent video ideas to post on Reels are sharing short snippets of your brand, ongoing offers, testimonials, how-to tutorials, answering questions, and so on. Apart from this, try out Trollishly to boost views in no time organically


#3 Blend Content With Apt Hashtags


A hashtag is the main ingredient to becoming successful on social media! Yes, posting a plain video on Instagram brings average results compared to a post created in a perfect format.

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Including relevant hashtags in the description or captions is a good idea. It helps the audience to discover your post while searching for a topic related to yours. On the other hand, you can gain more visibility as the Instagram algorithm recommends your post to the audience who shows interest in your content.


So, feel free to hashtags that defines your post such as #Food #Foodie #FoodBlogger #FoodProducts #FYP #Reels #TrendingReels and much more. This makes your Instagram post viral, and you get a chance to show your content on your Explore Page.


#4 Host Challenges / Contests


Simply posting images or videos may help you have a well-built Instagram profile, but it is insufficient for attaining your business goals. Instagram audiences are almost young adults who show more interest in participating in challenges or contest that benefits them in some way.

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So, take this strategic way to enhance your engagement rate and build brand awareness hassle-free. For instance, ask your audience to do a cooking challenge, share a photo with your brand’s product, or let them bring their friends/family to engage with your profile.


#5 Include Local Flavor


Add local flavor to your post! Wondering what? It’s simple. If your food brand belongs to a specific country or city, then you should include a location tag while uploading your post on Instagram.


Localized content will be helpful for your brand to reach the target audience and gain more customers to purchase your product. Also, you can communicate with them and help them to make better purchasing decisions. All together makes a significant impact on your sales and increases your ROI.

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#6 Showcase Brand Transparency


Online customers decide a brand’s value based on its quality and reliability. So, if you are selling a food product or delivering a service film video that shows your brand’s transparency among potential buyers.


Film behind-the-scenes videos, curate visual content with testimonials or reviews, and share the experience of your employees, etc., This idea will help your audience to decide the authenticity of your brand and proceed with further actions. Furthermore, leverage Trollishly to enhance your brand’s exposure globally and strengthen your online presence.


The Bottom Line


Thus these are the different techniques you can adapt to brand your food business and boost sales by leveraging Instagram. Implement any of these tactics that suit your brand but make sure to add varieties of content with stunning visuals that bring uniqueness. Additionally, stay up-to-date on the current trends and latest features rolled out by Instagram to incorporate them into your content.

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Cheers to your food brand’s success on Instagram!


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